As it has been known from IA “APK-Inform”, the reconsideration of VAT refunds for soybean exports can be postponed until September 2018, rapeseed – until 2020.

Upon the information received, this decision was agreed between the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, deputies and profile associations.

According to the source, this decision is a compromise in the current situation and will allow Ukrainian agricultural producers to avoid losses when selling soybean of 2017 crop and rape crop-2018. Also, such a delay will allow time for processors to prepare the necessary capacities.



Reconsideration of VAT refunds for oilseed exports is beneficial to soybean and rapeseed processors – Omelchenko

The reconsideration of VAT refunds for oilseed exports is beneficial to current and future soybean and rapeseed processors, as processing products will be exported at a 0% VAT rate and processors will receive tax refunds.

Such opinion was expressed by the financial director of the company Agromino Svetlana Omelchenko in the material of

“But  for today there are not enough processing capacities of soybean and rape in Ukraine. It means, there will be no competition for raw materials for processing. In fact, the manufacturer will simply get a lower purchase price for soy and rape. And this situation will not be solved quickly, as the construction of new processing facilities needs time. It turns out that all these capacities will be built for the money of agricultural producers, “-  Svetlana Omelchenko said.