According to the SFS, grain exports from Ukraine amounted to 17.5 million tons since the beginning of 2017/18 MY as of December 6.

In particular, to the accounting period was exported 10.15 million tons of wheat, 3.74 million tons of barley , 3.56 million tons of maize.

In addition, the supply of Ukrainian flour amounted to 210.1 thousand tons, incl. wheat – 209.4 thousand tons.



The index of prices for seed oils FAO in November was 172.2 points

The average value of the FAO seed oil price index in November was 172.2 points, which is 2.1 points (or 1.2%) higher than in October and it considered to be  the highest indicator for the last 9 months.

This is reported in the summary of supply and demand in the summary of supply and demand FAO

“This growth mainly reflects higher quotes of soybean, rapeseed and sunflower oils. Quotations of soybean oil have increased as the  disturbed weather conditions in South America have a negative impact on the condition of crops, and also due to the information that the oil content of crops gathered during the harvesting  in the U.S.A.  is below the average ” – the statement said.